Residential Kalari Programs

The residential programs involve students coming to our Kalari school in Kerala, where they’ll stay in our comfortable accommodations and immerse themselves in intensive training. You can choose the duration that best suits your goals and commitments. Whether you’re looking for a short, immersive experience or a more extended training journey, we have the right program for you. Explore our various options to find the perfect fit for your Kalari adventure.

Residential Kalari Programs - Fees + Curriculum

Kalari Praramba

3 Weeks
  • Kalari Warm-Up
  • Vandanam (Salutation)
  • Kaalukal - 6
  • Chuvadu - 1
  • Chumattadi - 1
  • Meypayattu - 1
  • Vadivu (Animal Postures)

Kalari Parijaya

1 Month
23,500* per month
  • Kalari Warm-Up + Vandanam
  • Kaalukal - 8
  • Chuvadu - 2
  • Chumattadi - 1
  • Meypayattu - 2
  • Vadivu
  • Angachuvadu - 1
  • Neduvadi + Vadiveeshal

Kalari Parisrema

2 Months
23,500* per month
  • Kalari Warm-Up + Vandanam + Vadivu
  • Kaalukal - 10
  • Chuvadu - 3
  • Chumattadi - 2
  • Meypayattu - 3
  • Angachuvadu - 1
  • Neduvadi + Vadiveeshal
  • Cheruvadi Introduction

Kalari Madhyama

3 Months
23,500* per month
  • Kalari Warm-Up + Vandanam + Vadivu
  • Kaalukal - 12
  • Chuvadu - 3
  • Chumattadi - 3
  • Meypayattu - 4
  • Angachuvadu - 1
  • Vettum Thancham
  • Neduvadi + Cheruvadi
  • Sword Introduction

Note: Other than the above durations, we can also customize the course to different durations so that it will align with the time you have available for travel and training.

 Each of the terms mentioned above originates from traditional Kalari practices. For a detailed explanation of each term, please refer to our blogs section.

The training classes follow a schedule of two sessions every day, one in the morning and the other in the evening, both starting at 5:30 sharp. The duration of each class ranges from 2 to 2.5 hours, depending on the practitioner’s skill level.

Please note that at the time of admission, you are required to pay a minimum of one month’s fee, which is non-refundable. An initial amount of ₹3,000 must be paid during booking, with the remaining balance due upon arrival and check-in.

Food & Accommodation

Our accommodation is simple and functional. There are separate dormitories and shared bathroom facilities for men and women. Private accommodation is limited and will be provided on an availability basis. Trainees will have access to high-speed internet.

Our meals are served 3 times a day, featuring simple homemade South Indian healthy cuisine prepared using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.

Highlights of Residential Kalari Programs

Kalari Intensive

As the name suggests, students undergo intense training sessions twice a day along with meditation practice. The main goal of this program is to improve mind-body coordination to achieve optimal fitness and prepare for advanced practices.


Unlock Your Inner Wellness with Our Simple Meditation Practice. Our simple meditation practice helps you connect with your inner self where energy, creativity and inner wellness are inherent. By meditating after an exhausting Kalari workout, students can reach a meditative state quicker and experience a sense of bliss.

Work from Kalari

Our residential programs are designed for working Professionals. Our ashram now provides the opportunity for students to learn Kalaripayattu while continuing their job responsibilities with the convenience of a dedicated workspace and reliable Wi-Fi access, enabling students to balance their work and learning commitments.

Indulge in Nature

Gurukulam provides the perfect environment to disconnect, slow down, and reconnect with nature to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. When we meditate in nature, we become more aware and alive. We no longer see nature as just an object, but as a living and breathing world of wisdom and learning that is constantly teaching us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to fully learn Kalari?

Learning Kalari to its fullest depth can take decades due to its comprehensive nature. However, we’ve created syllabuses tailored to different durations to teach as much as possible within those specific time frames.

While we offer programs shorter than three months, we suggest a minimum of three months to truly appreciate the benefits and achieve noticeable results.

No specific preparation is needed. Just come with an open and ready mind.

Please bring your personal items, a light blanket, and clothing suitable for practicing twice a day. Comfortable attire is key, or you can opt to purchase the proper Kalari attire at our Ashram upon arrival.

You are free to continue with your professional work if it involves work from home, explore any online courses or academic pursuits, enjoy reading, or simply relax in nature, enjoying the serene environment surrounding our location.

The weather is generally pleasant throughout the year. April to May is the summer period, while June to July marks the rainy season.

Yes, advanced students mentor and guide the beginners during practice sessions.

It’s advisable to consult with our Ashan(Guru) before starting. If necessary, we can develop a treatment plan to address your injuries before you begin your Kalari training.

The minimum age to start learning Kalari is 7 years. There is no specified maximum age as long as you are willing and physically able to participate.

Absolutely. Your willingness to learn is what matters most. In fact, Kalari can be a very effective way to aid in weight loss.

At the moment, we do not facilitate or manage academic pursuits alongside Kalari training.

Our residential courses have a maximum duration of one year. We focus on providing intensive training within this timeframe.

For those interested in learning treatment techniques, we offer Teacher Training Courses (TTC) & Advanced TTC programs.

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