Kalari Volunteering

Athma Kalari opens its doors to individuals who seek to contribute their time, energy, and skills towards nurturing and sustaining our diverse projects and activities. Volunteering with us is not just an opportunity to serve but a doorway to immerse yourself in the essence of self-giving and community living.

Our Volunteering Opportunities

Goshala Maintenance

Join us in the care and maintenance of our Goshala, ensuring the well-being and health of the cows that are an integral part of Athma Kalari’s ecosystem.


Contribute to the sustenance of our community by engaging in organic farming practices. Learn and help in the cultivation of crops that feed our residents and guests.

Kitchen Help

Assist in the heart of our community, the kitchen. Help in preparing wholesome meals that nourish the bodies and souls of everyone at Athma Kalari.

Construction Help

Be a part of our growing infrastructure by aiding in construction projects. Your efforts will help build the spaces that facilitate our activities and services.

Social Media Help - Photography & Video Editing

Lend your skills in photography and video editing to help us share the essence of Athma Kalari with the world. Your creative contributions will help tell our story and inspire others.

Eligibility for Volunteering

• Open-Hearted Willingness: The primary criterion for volunteering with us is a sincere willingness to immerse yourself fully and contribute to whatever is needed at the moment.
• Age Requirement: Individuals aged 20 and above are welcome to apply.
Commitment-Free: We ask for volunteers who are free of other work or educational commitments during their volunteering period with us.
Duration: Volunteers can stay with us for a minimum of one month up to several years. We value long-term commitment and the deep connections it fosters.

What is Provided

• Food: Enjoy three daily meals of wholesome South Indian cuisine, made from seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.
Accommodation: Volunteers are provided with basic, simple dormitory accommodations including shared bathroom facilities.
Training: You have the option to select either the morning or evening Daily Kalari training sessions. No matter your experience level, this is a chance to learn and practice this ancient martial art alongside your volunteer work.

How to Apply?

Please fill out our online application form by clicking on the button below. Volunteering at Athma Kalari is completely free-of-charge, covering accommodation, meals, and training. Once your application is submitted, our volunteer coordinator will review your information and reach out to you with the next steps.

We look forward to welcoming you to Athma Kalari and embarking on this journey together.

For any questions or more information, please contact get in touch with us by clicking on the WhatsApp Icon on the right bottom corner.