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In the motherly lap of valluvanad a sanctum sanctarum of Mamanka festival ,In a small village of chemmalasseri highlighting the culutural heritage of 300 years ,Athma kalari is exisiting as a pride of Nalukettu mana poeming the greatness of kalari.In the midst of greenary of the field solemnised with great traditionally constructed sree krishna temple ,richly densed nagakkavu [ophidiarium],temple pond etc are the hall marks of this village .More than that most beautiful kunthi river , kodikuthimala[mini ooty] ,paloor fort waterfall etc are also added to its elegance.

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Atma kalari imparts kalari training in a very traditional style of kuzhi kalri where asic feet kalari in dig under the ground. The floor is plastered with medicated day. The ambiance that you find in such kind of a place is one to experience.

Atma kalari ashram is also a mould owner of a 300 years old heritage palace with historical significance in kerala history. The heritage home has beautiful intention setting with spacious rooms and ayurvedic treatment rooms in traditional style.

I addition to that there is small traditional style pond just near the heritage home for bathing and swimming in addition to the bathrooms provided in each room.

Atma kalari ashram provides a world of ancient wisdom and traditional style with modern amenities


People interested in learning at kalari village for a prolonged timeperiod can stay at the kalari village a as resident students .For those intersted in learning kalaripayyattu as a resident,



Every year kalari village conducts summer camps for aspirants .These camps range from 10 -30 days .The ultimate aim of these type of camps is to encourage the enthusiasm to learn the kalaripayyatu and as well



kalari viilage conducts workshops for corporates for stress reliefing and to introduce the traditional values of kalaripayattu also we are conducting special camps for introducing the necessity of kalaripayattu training and also to familiar 



kalaripayattu are regularly held by the kalari village to build awareness amongst the general public as well as aspiring youth to encourage the young and inculcate kalaripayattu into their lifestyle gain the power of concentration



Success Treatments


Demonstration Shows



What is Kalaripayattu?

It is the most ancient martial art and considered to be the mother of all martial arts. It is believed that a budhist saint called Bodhidharaman took it to China where it later transformed to Wushu, Karate and other forms. It is so ancient that it’s roots cannot be traced. The ancient beliefs point to Dhanurveda as its ancient text, some believe it originated from Shiva Tandava, and some even still credit it to gurus like Parasurama, Vasishta and Agasthya. Logicians believe that humans at the time of being tribals observed different animals and developed this form.As he became civil it got evolved to self defence, medical therapy and spiritual practice among Indians. Atma Kalari imparts all aspects of Kalari for the complete physical and mental development of the aspirant.




MINIMOL:-(Former Indian Volleyball Captian)-


After pregnancy my body weight became a big roadblock in my dream to return to Indian team. Itwas my husband Jobin Joseph who introduced me to Atma Kalari which helped me to regain my stamina and strength and helped my comeback to the Indian team in a very helpful way. My experience is that Kalari has been very helpful in my athletic career and should be used in Indian athlectic field.



After being diagnosed with excess liver fat, I was advised by my doctor to do excercises to reduce celluloid and liver fat. Taking the advice of one of my family member I joined Atma Kalari. It was at the age of 45, I started Kalari but within just 4 months, I reduced my body weight from 113kg to 83 kg and have been continuing Kalari for the last 3 years. It has helped me to regain strength, stamina and have better healthy life than before. I also advice others to do Kalari as it changed my life for the better.



Depression exhausted 8 years of my life as I had become completely introverted and I stayed in my house with no interaction with anybody except my dearest relatives and a few neighbors. It was a few friends of mine who introduced me to Atma Kalari. Life has changed for the better and since then changes have happened in my life through regular practive of kalari. It has helped not only with physical fitness but also regaining my inner strength , confidence and helped me to overcome my nervous problem a big deal and I have started going for a good job. I would advice anyone with nervous or mental problem to try Kalari as my experience with Kalari has been good.


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