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Travelling to our Gurukul

By Flight:

  • Nearest Airports: The nearest airports to our Gurukul are Calicut Airport (46 kms) and Kochi Airport (115 kms).
  • Airport Transport: Upon your arrival at either of these airports, you can easily find taxis or cabs to reach our Gurukul. We can provide you with detailed directions and guidance.

By Train:

  • Nearest Railway Station: The nearest railway station to our Gurukul is Pattambi(18 kms).
  • Alternative Options: In case Pattambi is not convenient, you can also consider Shornur Railway Station (31 kms) or Ottappalam Railway Station (37 kms).
  • Railway Station to Gurukul: From any of these railway stations, you can hire an auto-rickshaw directly to reach our Gurukul.

By Road:

  • Driving Directions: If you prefer to travel by road, follow these driving directions to reach our Gurukul: Shornur – Chemmalasseri – Bankumpadi – Near Sreekrishnapuram Temple. You can check out the accurate location of our Gurukul in Google Maps by clicking over¬†here.

For any additional information or inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us directly by clicking on the WhatsApp chat icon located at the bottom right side of the screen.