Kalari as a way of life

Established in 2005 by Ashan Vipin Das, Athma Kalari in now among the India’s leading Kalari school, led by exceptional trainers and therapists.

Kalari as a way of living, permeates every aspect and activity at Athma Kalari. Over the past 15 years, Athma kalari has imbibed kalari as a way of living in students life and adapted them to make better suited for the modern realities. This have ensured that the experience at Athma Kalari is truly transformational for thousands of students. A carefully designed blend, which includes rigorous kalari training, classical yoga, meditation and uzhichal makes Athma Kalari experience a transformational one for our students.

About Vipindas Gurukal

Vipindas Gurukul has been active in the field of Kalari for more than 25 years starting from the age of 7. He learned Vadakkan form of Kalari from Sri Vijayan Gurukkal, Madhyakerala form of Kalaripayattu from Sri Jammal Kalari and Kadathandan form from Sri Babu varghese. He has been able to mould many state level yoga champions, boxing champions, gymnastics champions.

He has also mastered Kalari Marma therapy, Kathakali oil massage, Ayurveda and Yoga therapy. His treatments have cured many ailments prevailing today including paralysis, usculo-skeletal pains, cervical and disc problems.




There are more than thousand plus registered students who trains through in-person classes, residential programs, and online courses.


Years of Experience

Athma Kalari brings in 15 plus years of experience in teaching Kalari and offering Uzhichal, ayurvedic treatment, Kalary marma treatment.



So far, Athma kalari has branches in Chemmalaserri, Angadipuram, Malapuram. We also conduct on demand classes for various schools and corporates.


Trainers and Therapists

Athma kalari has a blend of highly trained trainers and therapists. Most of them are trained by Ashan VipinDas for more than a decade.


Vipindas Gurukul

Founder Athma Kalari


Kalari Trainer


Kalari Trainer