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On the insistence of his father Master Vijayan Gurukal started learning Kalaripayattu at the age of 7
and hence continued it till he completed his graduation. Kalaripayattu had been a part of his formal
education from his childhood and his parents were great supporters. However after joining as a
college professor he started doing research in Kalaripayattu and was a part of his sugject while doing
M.fill . He was helped by many of his professor Dr. M.G.S Narayanan , DR M.R Raghavan Warrier, Dr
K.K.N Kurup, Dr. Priyadarshan lal, Dr N.M Namboodiri, E.H. Devi to complete his work. He has
authored book on Kalaripayattu called “ Kalaripayattu- Kerala’s strength and beauty”. Master
Vipindas is a proud disciple of this great master and has learned Vadakkan Kalari from this master.

V PS Kalari (Shaiju Gurkal)

Master Shaiju has been teaching Vadakkan Kalari in V P S Kalari from his young age which he inherited
from his father. It is one of the famous Kalaris in malappuram for Vadakkan style of Kalari and
Master Shaiju is also a Kalari theatre artist. Master Vipindas has spent five good years with Master
Shaiju for learning Kalari ,as well as have been his aide in theatre and competitions in Kerala and
outside as well.

N V B Kalari (Babu Varghese Gurukal)

Master Babu Varghese had completed his schooling from the famed Lokanar Kavu which was the
Kalari of the famous THACHOLI OTHENAN, the famous war hero in the history of Kalaripayattu. He has
learned Kadathanadan style Kalari from this tradition and hence passed it on to his student, Master


Master Girija has been Master in Sangam Kalari for many years. Aram Thampooran is famous all over
kerala for Kalaripayattu and elephant treatment. Master vipindas has learned Vadakkan style of kalari
from this esteemed place for 3 years.

RAJAN VAIDYAR(Traditional Ayurveda)

Rajan vaidyar has learned Ayurveda from his mother and grandfather from his childhood. He has
traditional ayurvedic education particular to his family which has been passed on for generations. He
has his roots to Kalari as well and hence has kalari treatment connect to his Ayurveda tradition. He is a
member of Parambarya vaidayan association (traditional doctors) which is an origination of
traditional ayurvedic doctors in kerala.
Master Vipindas has completed his yoga coaching from SVYASA Bangalore for yoga TTC (YIC) which is
an internationally recognized institute for Yoga training. Apart from this he has also learned yoga from
Biju lal sir from Kannur Irriti and Vijayan sir from Palakkad, Sajeedran sir Vellinezhi, Balan sir of hata
yoga gurkula vidyapeetom Thrissur.