Kalari Chikitsa

Kalari Chikitsa is a medical system for healing musculoskeletal and neurological injuries that evolved alongside the martial art form with deep understanding of human body, chakras and marma points- essentially to treat the injury of students during kalaripayattu training or warriors in the battlefield.

Ayurveda and Siddha system of medicine is an integral part of Kalari Chikitsa. Kalari Chikitsa has a unique method of treatment called ‘Marma chikitsa’ with specializes in treating vital (marma) points in the human body. Out of 108 vital spots of the body 64 of them are catastrophic if injured. Over the centuries, it has evolved into a highly specialized technique for treatment of injuries relating to bones, muscles, nerves, joints and tissues.

ATHMA KALARI is prominent for the treatment of neuro, muscular ortho, ligamental injuries such as bone fractures, spinal injuries, sports injuries, back pain, cervical injuries, knee injuries, rheumatism, etc


Kalari massages and uzhichil are done using thailams (medicated oils) which prepared under the supervision of Kalari gurukkal after studying the nature of the disease. Back pain cervical problems, shoulder-related, muscular problems, ligament problems, knee-related, medicinal bandages, and other sports injuries are cured by using selected herbal oils and animal products.

    • Raksha thirummu

Is mainly used to cure and also to prevent in-born diseases. The days and medicine are decided by the Gurukkal after consulting the patient.

    • Suga thirummu

Used for the enlightenment of body and mind. It can be done for any reason without any health issues. Normally it’s done on 7 or 14 or 21 days.

    • Kacha Thirummu

kacha thirummu is for physical endurance and flexibility. This form of massage is combined with different yoga postures such as vajrasana, soojikkiruthu (split), thavaalkooru, etc.