Chavittu uzhichil (massage using the legs) is a unique and integral part of Kalari treatment.

In this technique, the patient lies down on a mat (sometimes a wooden cot) while the Gurukkal holds on to a rope hanging from the ceiling and massages the person with his feet. This requires great skill and is practiced only by someone who has learned Kalaripayattu and has reached the highest level of mastery.

The massage itself is a blissful experience. Gurukkal applies oil on the arms and legs and proceeds to massage the body using his feet. The movements are smooth and rhythmic. The entire process takes about 40 minutes. This method of massage highly effective in treating the following health problems.


There are several types of massages, oil treatments s and medicated bag treatments that would help to relieve a person from back pain and other spine or hip related problems.


The cervical problem is also the main hindrance in sporting persons. Hence many kinds of medicated bags, cracking systems, and massages are available in Athma Kalari to relieve the people of these problems. Kind of injuries has warriors constantly face them and hence lie massage system, marma therapy, bandages are well adapted to deal with this kind of problems.


Muscle co-ordinates to a major capability of any athlete as it helps in movements and agility, Kalari and Ayurveda treatment has several sets of massages, medical bags, and bandages to deal with wear and tear of muscle or muscle disfunction. Athma Kalari has time-tested medicines in these respects and has therapists with years of experience.


Ligament to tear is mostly common among many athletes hence Kalari Treatment can provide any kind of medicated bandages and ointments that helps cure these problems and there is a range of such medicines passed on from grandfather of master Vipin das to master Vipin das of Ayurveda and Kalari treatment.


Joint disjoined is another major problem that athletes face in the field of sports and games. Kalari treatment since ancient times has been dealing with these problems properly.