Program Highlights

Discover the Incredible Benefits of Intense Kalaripayattu.

As the name suggests, students undergo intense training sessions twice a day along with meditation practice. The main goal of this program is to improve mind-body coordination to achieve optimal fitness and prepare for advanced practices. Kalaripayattu training provides the best physical fitness through improved flexibility, agility, and musculo-skeletal strength.

Unlock Your Inner Wellness with Our Simple Meditation Practice.

Our simple meditation practice helps you connect with your inner self where energy, creativity, and inner wellness are inherent. In addition to these practices, students are taught pranayama, satkarma, and other relaxation techniques. By meditating after an exhausting Kalari workout, students can reach a meditative state quicker and experience a sense of bliss.

Kalaripayattu Training Designed for Busy Professionals.

With the rise of remote work, our programs are designed to cater to busy working professionals who are seeking to alleviate stress and improve their well-being. Our ashram now provides the opportunity for students to learn Kalaripayattu while continuing their job responsibilities with the convenience of a dedicated workspace and reliable Wi-Fi access, enabling students to balance their work and learning commitments.

Rediscover Harmony with Nature

Our Gurukulam provides the perfect environment to disconnect, slow down, and reconnect with nature to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. When we meditate in nature, we become more aware and alive. We no longer see nature as just an object, but as a living and breathing world of wisdom and learning that is constantly teaching us.


Kalari Parijaya

Duration 1 Month | Beginner

In this beginner level, students will be introduced to the basics of Kalaripayattu, including warm-up exercises, salutations, animal postures, and 6 variations of Kalugal. The curriculum also includes one variation of Meypayattu and Chuvadugal. Students will gain a solid foundation in Kolthari techniques, the basic building blocks of Kalaripayattu.

Kalari Parisrema

Duration 2 Month | Intermediate

This Program is for further developing the skills learned in the beginner level, specifically by incorporating intermediate level Kolthari techniques and Vadiveeshal (stick swings). Students will be introduced to 8 variations of Kalugal and 2 variations of Meypayattu and Chuvadugal.

Kalari Madhyama

Duration 3 Month | Advance

In this advanced level, students will delve deeper into Kalaripayattu with 10 variations of Kalugal, 3 variations of Meypayattu and Chuvadugal, and an introduction to sword techniques. Students will have the opportunity to develop their skills in advanced techniques, making this program suitable for those seeking to take their Kalaripayattu training to a higher level.

What you'll learn

Kalari Warmup

Warming up helps prepare your body for Kalaripayattu practice. A warmup gradually raises your body temperature and increasing blood flow to your muscles to lessen your risk of injury during training


Leg sequence is practiced on daily basis to increase flexibility of the pelvic region and improve stability of the body.


It’s a set of body sequence with which one could improve the body’s agility, reflex action, mental power. Repeated practice of Meipayattu improves physical stamina exponentially.



Before starting Kalari practices one should perform Kalari vandhanam (salutation) which includes a set of slow paced sequence to invoke blessings of the divine power and gurus.


Vadivugal which means postures of various animals when practiced regularly will increase stillness in the body and alertness to the surrounding.


Chuvadu means steps – steps for attack and defense. All the techniques of Kalaripayattu involve the permutations and combinations of the various chuvadugal.

Empower your body and mind!

Physical Fitness

The programs focus on all aspects of the body, mind, and energy, offering a holistic approach to fitness. Through Kalaripayattu, you’ll build strength, increase flexibility, and develop endurance, while also improving your mental focus and concentration. With our expert trainers, you’ll be guided through each step of the process, ensuring that you get the most out of your training.

Mental and emotional wellbeing

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by life events or simply disconnected from nature, our programs will be a transformative experience. In our beautiful ashram, you’ll have the opportunity to reconnect with nature, helping you to find peace and tranquility. Our program also includes meditation practices that can help you improve your mental wellbeing.

Empower your performance.
For Professionals, Artists, and Athletes

Working professionals

Are you a working professional looking to make a change in your life without sacrificing your career? Our program is designed with you in mind. Our ashram offers the unique option for working professionals to work from our facility, allowing you to go through the program by balancing your personal growth and your professional responsibilities.

Artists and athletes

Are you an actor, dancer, athlete, or someone with a keen interest in the art of martial arts? Our program presents a rare chance to master Kalaripayattu as an exquisite art form, one that allows you to express yourself through the fluidity of movement and the eloquence of facial expressions, discovering its beautiful athletic and artistic elements.