Kalari Warmup

Warming up helps prepare your body for Kalaripayattu practice. A warmup gradually raises your body temperature and increasing blood flow to your muscles to lessen your risk of injury during training


Leg sequence is practiced on daily basis to increase flexibility of the pelvic region and improve stability of the body.


It’s a set of body sequence with which one could improve the body’s agility, reflex action, mental power. Repeated practice of Meipayattu improves physical stamina exponentially.



Before starting Kalari practices one should perform Kalari vandhanam (salutation) which includes a set of slow paced sequence to invoke blessings of the divine power and gurus.


Vadivugal which means postures of various animals when practiced regularly will increase stillness in the body and alertness to the surrounding.


Chuvadu means steps – steps for attack and defense. All the techniques of Kalaripayattu involve the permutations and combinations of the various chuvadugal.