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What is Kathakali massage?

Kathakali is a very ancient dance form of India which also emphasizes on acting using all muscles in the human body including face muscles. It is done for hours at a stretch and hence it requires lot of physical strength, muscle co-ordination, flexibility and above all strong and flexible spine for better body language. Hence Kathakali massage was developed in ancient India to help dancers to mould his physique to endure the stress for long hours and develope a better body language. It is a useful for all aspirants of dance and acting on or of the stage.

What does kathakali massage comprise of?

It is oil massage done with the person lying on a mat and the master would massage using legs taking support of a rope hung from the ceiling. Hands are also used in this massage. It is majorly focused in helping to increase the strength and flexibility of the spine. The person undergoing the massage is hence expected to do some jumps and flexibility exercises under the supervision and instruction of the master. The massage is also focussed on the pressure-points of the body for the free flow of energy which increase his capability in body language expression.

Who can do Kathakali massage?

Aspirants in the fields of acting, dancing, stage performances such as mime, ballet etc could benefit from this unique and ancient technique. Kathakali massage not only helps in flexibility and improved body language but also helps in reducing the aging process.



Kalari Treatment has a very emerging role in the field of sports and athletics.Major sporting nations such as china,japan,latin American countries huge studies applying indigenous medical systems in the field of sports.

Kalaripayattu and Ayurveda has always been experts in increasing physical abilities and treatment of injuries.Ayurveda describes different kinds of bodies in sports they are tuak,sara,raktha.
There are many other package treatments that Atma kalari provided,


There are several types of masasages,oil treatment s and medicated bag treatments that would help to relieve a person from backpain and other spine or hip related problems.


The servical problem is also a main hindcrase in sportin persons. Hence many kind of medicated bags,cracking systems and massages are available in Atma kalari to relieve the people of these problems
Kind of injuries has warriors constantly face them and hence lie massage system ,marma therapy , bandages are well adapted to deal with this kind of problems.



Muscle co-ordinates to a major capability of any athlete as it helps in movements and agility, kalari and Ayurveda treatment has several sets of massages ,medical bags and bandages to deal with wear and tear of muscle or muscle disfunction .Atma kalari has time tested medicines in these respects and has therapists with years of experience.



Ligament to tear is mostly common among many athlets hence Kalari Treatment can provide many kind of medicated bandages and ointments that helps cure these problems and there are range of such medicines passed on from grandfather of master Vipin das to master Vipin das of Ayurveda and kalari treatment.



Joint disjoinment is another major problem that athlets face in the field of sports and games.Kalari treatment since ancient times has been dealing with these problems properly.




Stroke is the terms used for a sudden loss of function of the brain.This could lead palalyse in some parts of the body of a person.In Ayurveda it is called pakshagata.As per Ayurveda we have 3 humours in our body, that id vaata,pitha and kapha .It is believe in Ayurveda that is because of block in vaata condition of pakshagata occurs . There are many anti water medicines like Chintamani nas , ekaanyaveeranas that are used in these condition.In addition to that many panchakarma treatment like medicated oil application ,fermentation ,pinda swedana,nasal drops etc are used.Atma kalari ashram provides a wide range of ayurvedic treatment to help you recover from the aftermath of the stroke .

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