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       It is the most ancient martial art and considered to be the mother of all martial arts. It is believed that a budhist saint called Bodhidharaman took it to China where it later transformed to Wushu, Karate and other forms. It is so ancient that it’s roots cannot be traced.  The ancient beliefs point to Dhanurveda as its ancient text, some believe it originated from Shiva Tandava, and some even still credit it to gurus like Parasurama, Vasishta and Agasthya. Logicians believe that humans at the time of being tribals observed different animals and developed this form. As he became civil it got evolved to self defence, medical therapy and spiritual practice among Indians. Atma Kalari imparts all aspects of Kalari for the complete physical and mental development of the aspirant.

It is divided into four sections. They are Meythari, Kolthari, Angathari and verumkai. The first  of them is Meythari, which  is for the developement of the physique of the warrior to make him ready for combat. They are fluid movements called Meypayattu that helps to achieve flexibility, strength and stamina. It is a combination of stretching, bending, stamina, athletism and precission in movements.

Kolthari:-  It is combat with wooden weapons like short stick, long stick and otta (curved stick) that helps the warrior to use weapons as a part of his physique.

Angathari:- Angathari is combat with metal weapons like spear, knife, sword, flexible sword(Urmi), Mace, Battle axe etc.

Verumkai:- It is advanced combat technique with bare hands. It also includes ‘Marma Vidya’ , which  is knowledge of the pressure points in the human body, that can beuse for healing and for inflicting pain.

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