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Kalari treatment is an ancient ayurvedic mode of treatment . Kalari treatment have importance in theancient periods .This type of treatment have a great importance in kalari system because the training can cause accidental injuries because of the use of wepons .Kalari gurukkal is specialised in orthopedics and neurology to treat any casualities. Apart from common ayurvedhic treatments,Kalari has a specialised and unique method of treatment called ‘marma chikitsa’ ,out of 107 vital spots of the body 64 of them are catastrophic if injured.

ATHMA KALARI is prominent for treatment of neuro,muscular ortho, legemental injuries such as bone fractures ,spinal injuries, sports injuries, back pain, cervical injuries, knee injuries, rheumatism etc

Kalari massages and uzhichil are done using thailams (Mediacted oils) and lepanas are prepared under the supervision of kalari gurukkal after studying the nature of disease. Back pain cervical problems, shoulder related, muscular problems, ligament problems, knee related, medicinal bandage and other sports injuries are cured by using selected herbal oils,animal products.

Raksha thirummu :- 

Raksha thirummu mainly used to cure and also to prevent in born diseases. The days and medicine are decided by the Gurukkal after consulting the patient.

Suga thirummu :-

Basically used for enlightenment of body and mind. It can be done at any reasons without any health issues. Normally it’s done on 7 or 14 or 21 days.

Kacha Thirummu :-

kacha thirummu is for physical endurance and flexibility. This form of massage is combined with different yoga postures such as vajrasana Soojikkiruthu (split),thavaalkooru etc.


Prana flows through the body channel through marmas or vital points were the important nerves forms junctures with muscles fibres, veins, joints and bones .A marma point is a Junction point Where two or more types of tissue meet, such as veins, ligaments, muscles, bones. marma knowledge along with the knowledge of Ayurveda has the ability to treat are mental and physical diseases. There are total 108 Marma points in the body in which 64 are considered as Kula marma (deadly points) which can be used to heal or to harm the body the mind is considered as the 108 marma. If the marma points are severely pierced it could lead to trauma or even death.

Kalari chikitsa is usually done by’ kalari gurukkal’ or kalari masters based on mainly thirummal of the whole body with various oils and herbals extracts with healing power.kalari gurukkal uses the marma points to heal.the kalari gurukkal has outermost knowledge about psycho – physiological aspects and practical knowledge on the marma




Kalari Treatment has a very emerging role in the field of sports and athletics.Major sporting nations such as china,japan,latin American countries huge studies applying indigenous medical systems in the field of sports.
Kalaripayattu and Ayurveda has always been experts in increasing physical abilities and treatment of injuries.Ayurveda describes different kinds of bodies in sports they are tuak,sara,raktha.
There are many other package treatments that Atma kalari provided,


There are several types of masasages,oil treatment s and medicated bag treatments that would help to relieve a person from backpain and other spine or hip related problems.


The servical problem is also a main hindcrase in sportin persons. Hence many kind of medicated bags,cracking systems and massages are available in Atma kalari to relieve the people of these problems
Kind of injuries has warriors constantly face them and hence lie massage system ,marma therapy , bandages are well adapted to deal with this kind of problems.


Muscle co-ordinates to a major capability of any athlete as it helps in movements and agility, kalari and Ayurveda treatment has several sets of massages ,medical bags and bandages to deal with wear and tear of muscle or muscle disfunction .Atma kalari has time tested medicines in these respects and has therapists with years of experience.


Ligament to tear is mostly common among many athlets hence Kalari Treatment can provide many kind of medicated bandages and ointments that helps cure these problems and there are range of such medicines passed on from grandfather of master Vipin das to master Vipin das of Ayurveda and kalari treatment.


Joint disjoinment is another major problem that athlets face in the field of sports and games.Kalari treatment since ancient times has been dealing with these problems properly.




Stroke is the terms used for a sudden loss of function of the brain.This could lead palalyse in some parts of the body of a person.In Ayurveda it is called pakshagata.As per Ayurveda we have 3 humours in our body, that id vaata,pitha and kapha .It is believe in Ayurveda that is because of block in vaata condition of pakshagata occurs . There are many anti water medicines like Chintamani nas , ekaanyaveeranas that are used in these condition.In addition to that many panchakarma treatment like medicated oil application ,fermentation ,pinda swedana,nasal drops etc are used.Atma kalari ashram provides a wide range of ayurvedic treatment to help you recover from the aftermath of the stroke .

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