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Vipindas Gurukkal

The Master Vipindas Gurukal has been active in the field of Kalari for 26 years starting from the age of 7 when he took his first lessons from his grandfather Master Raman. Hence forth his thirst for kalaripayattu has taken him to many masters in this field, which he still continues and still keeps on learning from many other masters. This shows that there is a lot of kalaripayattu still left in Kerala. He learned Vadakkan form of Kalari from Prof. Vijayan Gurukal from whom he learned the major part of his kalari. Prof. Vijayan Gurukal has been author to one of the best books in kalaripayattu. He also learned Madhyakerala form of Kalaripayattu from Master Jammal¬† Kalari and hencforth Kadathandan form of Kalaripayattu from Master Babu varghese. Kalaripayatu since it has many different form and many varieties of Meytharis he still continues his education in this field. Apart from Kalaripayattu there many other feathers in his hat from other fields as well. Master Vipindas holds a bronze medal in boxing in state championship from his college days and also gold medal in gymnastics at university level in individual event.Also he has bagged gold medal in sword fighting in district level. Along with teaching kalari he has also stepped into the world of choreography of kalari in ad films, albums and in movies. Kalaripayattu has it’s own form of unique medical therapy system and oil massages to mould beautiful and strong physique. Master Vipindas has hence mastered kalari oil massage and therapy system. Along with this he has also mastered Ayurveda therapy, yoga therapy, Kalari Marma therapy(Kalari pressure point technique),kathakali oil massage and yoga¬† trainging. He has has been able to mould many state level yoga champions , boxing champions, gymnastics champions. There are many camps Master Vipindas is doing for diabetic patients also. He is pursuing his teaching in Kalaripayattu and yoga in many schools and hospitals and has has main center in Pulamanthole. Atma kalari is a proud owner of many champions in kalari and yoga and hence invites you to this mesmerising world of Kalaripayattu and Yoga.

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