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Ayurveda in todayt’s world is the most sort after treatment for reducing  age and increasing  the quality of the body. Atma Kalari provides  Panchakarma treatment which helps  to reduce age, increase the overall capability of the body and bring overall wellness. Panchakarma includes five karmas or process to cleanse the body.


Panchakaramma as the name suggests in pancha 5 krama actions performed to purify and clean the body completely of all its impurities and make it young and healthy. Panchakram consists of three stages poorva karama actions done to make the body ready for pancha karama. pancha karama or the cleaning of mucus,bile,intestine dirt in the blood etc from the body . upakarmas tht is sub karmas that is used for treatment of diseases.

Panchakaramma are a set of kriyas or actions performed to get the body

1)- SNEHAPANA :  It is the first process where the body is prepared for cleansing by giving it massage for some days and then giving daily dosage of oil or ghee (butter) to slowly lubricate the body to cleanse the impurities.

2)- NASYA : It helps to clean mucus from the body using oil, water, herbel extract or milk. It helps in improving brain power and providing relaxation.

3) VAMANA: It involves cleaning the abdomen and removing any fungus in the wind pipe or abdomen

4) BASTI: It is an anema treatment using water, oil or medicines to clean the intestines.

5) RAKTAMOKSHA: It is a blood purification process where the blood in the body is completely cleansed.


Poorva karamas

Poorva karamas consists of three karmas and they are sneha pana , swedan and uzhichil.

Sneha pana : it is a process in which small dosages of ghee or butter is supplied till it start sweating out of the body. It helps in digestion increasing brain power cleaning the skin and gets the boady ready for pancha karma

Swedana : it is a way of making the body sweat through means of steam. It also helps in getting the body rid of toxins . if also gets the body ready for panchakarama


Uzhichil: it is a session of simple massages the releases any blocked channels and makes the body supple and ready for panchakarma


It is a not a part of panchakarama but they are independent therapies connected with panchakarmma . Some of them are THALAM, PICHU, SHIROVASTI, SHIRODARA, DHUMAPANA, THAKRADARA, THARPPANAM, ANJANAM, KSHARA KARMA, KARANA PURANAM etc. These therapies arise many spinal, joint ,[email protected] ligament and bone related issues in the body. These are treatments that are used to arise any medical problems in the body.

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