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In the motherly lap of valluvanad a sanctum sanctarum of Mamanka festival ,in a small village of chemmalasseri highlighting the culutural heritage of 300 years ,Athma kalari is exisiting as a pride of Nalukettu mana poeming the greatness of kalari.In the midst of greenary of the field solemnised with great traditionally constructed sree krishna temple ,richly densed nagakkavu [ophidiarium],temple pond etc are the hall marks of this village .More than that most beautiful kunthi river , kodikuthimala[mini ooty] ,paloor fort waterfall etc are also added to its elegance.

Atama kalari ashram has been a dedicated place to kalaripayattu , ayurveda and yoga for more than 10 years . vipin das gurukkal has been an ardent learner in the field of kalaripayattu for more than 23 years. A journey that started at the age of 7 from his grandfather who had passed on the family traditionof kalari payattu has continued for 23 years with various gurus . Along with the haunting of kalaripayattu he has been able to master age old traditions of medical Systems and ayurvedic treartment from various gurus . this has been imparted to his descending students. Atma kalari has created a niche of well trained therapists and ayurvedic meditioners.

Atma kalari imparts kalari training in a very traditional style of kuzhi kalri where asic feet kalari in dig under the ground. The floor is plastered with medicated day. The ambiance that you find in such kind of a place is one to experience.


Atma Kalari has been teaching kalaripayattu under the supervision of Vipindas gurukul for more than 15 years. Vipindas Gurukul had learned the basics of kalaripayattu from his grandfather Shri Raman Gurukkal from the age of 7. His family Kuzhamparambil has kalaripayattu in its tradition. In olden times this famil had three specialitists always in the family. One an ayurveda and poison remedies expert, second and tantrik master and third a kalaripayattu master. It is hence from this heritage of his familyh he got his first lesson. But he did not limit himself to the learning he got from his grandfather. He learned  Vadakkan Kerala style from Prof Vijayan Gurukkal and is learning Kadathanadan from Babu Varghese Gurukkal,Madhya kerala style of kalaripayattu from Jammal Gurukkal. The area where Atma Kalari is located , i.e the valluvanad side of Kerala has been famed for Kalari heroes like Chandunni panicker. There was once a group of martial artists called Chaver’s who were bred from childhood to die in battlefield as they were less in number and to face a large army. As per old British records atleast 50 of them stood against 10000. This shows the might of kalari and the confidence it gave to the ancient warriors. Atma Kalari is proud to welcome everyone regardless of gender, caste and creed into the realm of kalaripayattu.


Kuzhikalari is one of the scarce kalaris in kerala .kuzhikalari of athma kalari unites traditional metrological customs in perfection .It has 17 years of experience .By protecting its concealed ideology it helps to stabilize all the metabolic functions of the human body. So such structure were seriously considered by our ancestors .


It is considered according to the temple architectual norms -6 feet deep ,42feet length,21 feet breadth vertication.


It is situated at the south -west corner with 6,7,9 stares.It is a semi -circle structure with six wheels, which indicates ‘shadadharaas’ in our body .shadadharaas are mooladhaaram, swadhishtaanam, manipoorakam,anahatam , vishudhi, ajna.The top of poothara [koombu] indicates lord shiva and goddess kaali.


Atma kalari village is also a mould owner of a 300 years old heritage palace with historical significance in kerala history. The heritage home has beautiful intention setting with spacious rooms and ayurvedic treatment rooms in traditional style.

I addition to that there is small traditional style pond just near the heritage home for bathing and swimming in addition to the bathrooms provided in each room.

Atma kalari village provides a world of ancient wisdom and traditional style with modern amenities


Gaushala [cow pen] has been established at athma kalari village consisting of different ancient indian breeds such as Gir,kasargodan kullan,vechoor etc.The mission for the preservation ,improvisation and manufacture ayurvedic products requires cow milk ,cow urine, dung etc .Dung obtained from gaushala is being used as bio -technical manure so that organic food grains,fruits,vegetables can be obtained .Bio gas is being produced from dung with which the daily needs of kalari village are being fulfilled .The nutrient enriched pure milk is used in kalari village

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